​Mel has always loved singing, so it was only a matter of time until she became the lead vocalist in a tight and dynamic band.  She has been the front person for Off The Cuff since it's inception in 2012/13. 

Mel gives it her all at every performance and gets the audience laughing, singing and dancing along.

Lead Vocals

Melanie Wilson


​Colin was born in a land far far away. Some say he should have stayed there, some say he should be sent back. Either way after years of lerking around the Salisbury / Andover music scenes, Colin decided to take up playing an instrument. In this pursuit Colin stole a guitar from one of his fellow inmates at the home, and 5 years later he bought a set of strings and a tuner.  It was a few weeks after this, that his ability to fumble some chords together and pop out a melody, was first written about  by the head nurse within the ward round notes. Colin then joined a number of bands in the south and has been a lead guitarist since the age of 17. 


Colin has played extensively across the South from Reading to Brighton across to Exeter and Hereford, he brings energy and a dynamic approach to the bands performance. His versatility has allowed him to play many genres and as a result has been in many bands from Country and Western through to Rock where his heart lies. He has also depped for a number of bands in the South. Colin has been with Off The Cuff since 2014.


Colin uses Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps, Boss effects pedals, [Behringer-Mackie-Yamaha] PA

Influences - Alan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa, David Gilmour, Matt Schofield, Jeff Beck

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Colin "Moosehead" Gray


Matt started playing bass in 2008 - In this time he has been in many local bands within the Salisbury area.

He has played pubs open air events and music festivals in the area. These include the Beggars fair and Downton Cuckoo fair

Matt started playing in Off the Cuff in 2018 and as such is the newest member of the band and also the youngest

Infuences : Thin Lizzy - Biffy Clyro - The Eagles

Matt uses 

Ibanez Guitars

Ashdown Amplification

Boss effects

Bass Guitar


Andy T.JPG

​Andy Thompson has been playing drums for 30 years now, in local bands and spent three years supporting singer song writers in London at show case gigs in the West End. Andy has also played with function band Bedrock in the south west, who at their peak were playing 70 gigs per year!


Andy's favorite influences are Mitch Mitchell, Chad Smith, Steve Gadd and Billy Ward.  Andy always believes in playing for the song and the vocalist,


If he had to describe his style it would be driven and not always orthodox!!!!!!!!

Drums / Percussion

Andy Thompson - 'Dobby"


A big thanks to Lucinda who has taken countless photographs and videos and assists in the generation of flyers and advertising information

The collation organisation and generation of all the videos and photographs on this site are directly attributable to her.